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District Goal Setting Process Begins.

by Gordon Grubbs | Friday, February 22, 2008

This article is not ending up anything like I planned.  I planned to let folks know about the beginning of our School Board’s goal setting and planning process Monday night.  But, as often happens, what my head “was about to” say did not match what my heart “had” to say.   I wanted to begin this . . . read more

Newcastle Superintendent, Ty Spitzer, Wins Minivan

September 4, 2014

Newcastle Superintendent, Ty Spitzer, picked up the minivan today that he won through a drawing.  Mr. Spitzer entered NISD into the drawing at Region 9 to win a used vehicle from the Education Service Center.  Good Job Mr. . . . read more

Superintendent, Newcastle ISD

February 27, 2008

Gordon H. Grubbs 505 Washington Avenue Newcastle, Texas 76372 940-846-3531 - Phone 940-846-3452 – Fax Gordon.Grubbs@esc9.net   To All Who May Come This Way: . . . read more


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