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506096d6cde15 Briana Camp blocks a shot from a Bryson Cowgirl! Collin Bachman, Independent Photographer

Collin Bachman, Independent Photographer

Briana Camp blocks a shot from a Bryson Cowgirl!

Bobcats and LadyCats Celebrate Homecoming Weekend with Victories!!

Charitye Lowe named 2012 Homecoming Queen and Jerry Shields named Football Hero!

September 24, 2012

Both, the Newcastle Bobcats and LadyCats, placed a “W” in the win-loss column this weekend as the Bobcats defeated the Knox City Greyhounds 46-40 Friday night and then Saturday morning the LadyCats took down the Woodson Cowgirls three games out of four.  The Bobcat’s homecoming victory breaks the spell that had been cast over the football team for the first three games and puts them on the right track as they continue to prepare for the beginning of district play!  The LadyCats, on the other hand, started district play Saturday morning with this contest versus the Woodson Cowgirls.

Before we begin to discuss the games let’s give a big “Hurrah!” for Ms. Forbus and the cheerleaders – Charitye Lowe, Briana Camp, Ashley Graves, Jessica Bohannon, Kelsee Jennings, Heather Manos and Lacy Lewelling – for all of their hard work organizing our special days, the bonfire, and a great pep rally!  It was a nice blend of homecoming activities with our normal school work.  The halftime festivities went smoothly and the nominees looked beautiful as expected!!  Congratulations to Miss Charitye Nicole Lowe, 2012 Homecoming Queen, and Mr. Jerry Shields, the 2012 Football Hero!!

As I considered writing this article for the website, I mentally reviewed the highlights from Friday night’s game!  It was a very exciting contest and could have gone either way dependent upon a couple of breaks here and there!  I thought the game was over when the Greyhounds used their last time out and the Bobcats made a first down with little more than one minute remaining in the game!  All we had to do was run the clock out, but nothing seems to come easy these days!  On the very next play the Bobcats recorded their fourth fumble of the game and gave the ball right back to Knox City!!  Thankfully, the Bobcat defense stiffened up and held the Hounds as the clock expired for a 46-40 homecoming win!  This win was truly a team effort but there are a couple that definitely need to be recognized.

There were several Bobcat players who deserved game balls for big plays in this game!   A person watching the Bobcats for the first time would tell you that Michael Moreno was definitely the MVP of this game with his 334 total yards (268 rushing; 19 yards receiving, and 47 yards of passing) of offense and his six touchdowns!  There is no way that I could argue this point because Michael was outstanding and ran tough; got knocked down; got up and ran some more!  Great job Michael!!  You demonstrated what you are capable of doing! 

However!  Those of us who have watched six man football for years know how important those extra points can be in a close game like this one!  After Tyler Mays went out of the game with a separated shoulder, Mr. Nic Martin came in and kicked the first extra point.  Then Nic kicked another one and another and another and another!  Nic kicked five out of six attempts for extra points.  Knox City kicker made two out of six attempts.  So, what was the difference in this game?  Some would say the six point differential in the kicking game made the difference for the Bobcats!  Way to step up there Nic!  No doubt your kicking played a huge part in the Bobcats homecoming victory!

BUT……there are a couple more Bobcats who made timely plays that made a difference!  During the third quarter Knox City seemed to be gaining some momentum and had a chance of moving to a two score difference!  That is when H.R. Shields ran stride for stride with a Knox City receiver; stepped in front and swiped a sure touchdown pass.  From where I sat, that interception by H.R. crushed the Knox City spirit and in an instant gave the Bobcats something to cheer about!!

Finally, the other Bobcat moment came in the fourth quarter with 6:13 remaining in the game with Knox City leading by 8 points – 40-32!  Moreno had been running his heart out!  He ran so hard that he injured his already lame ankle and had to be helped off the field by his teammates!  Moreno came to the sideline and worked his ankle a bit and within a couple of plays he was back in the game!  The Greyhounds were totally keying on Moreno but when he came back into the game, he didn’t have a rushing touchdown in mind!  This one was going to be a pass!  While the Greyhounds were chasing and worrying about Moreno, his senior compadre, Jerry Shields got behind the secondary and made a wonderful catch on a pass from Moreno and with Nic Martin’s kick, the game was once again tied!  


This game had several sterling performances by individuals but as I said, this was a tremendous team effort and it took every single member of the Bobcat team working together to get the win.  When Tyler Mays went out early in the game with his bad shoulder, the Bobcats game plan changed!  Senior Preston Hobbs, juniors, Sean Osborn and Will Lewis, and sophomore Blake Maxwell and Ryan Hardin had to be assigned different roles!  They played really well and have contributed all season long.  Some of these guys are having to step into positions with a lot of pressure and perform immediately!   It’s not easy and they should be congratulated for all of their effort.  They all did an outstanding job Friday night!

This week's scheduled game versus the Crowell Junior Varsity has been switched to the Knox City Junior Varsity!  Not exactly sure why Crowell could not be here but Knox City JV has offered to substitute and the teams will play immediately following the Bobcat Junior High football game Thursday evening!

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506096d6cde15Heather Manos is intent to make this serve count!Collin Bachman, Independent Photographer

Collin Bachman, Independent Photographer

Heather Manos is intent to make this serve count!

Saturday morning it began just as the football game had, as if it was same song, second verse!  The LadyCats were playing district foe, the Woodson Cowgirls and the Cowgirls won a close game one by a score of 23-25.  Just like the football game, the score went back and forth; back and forth until late in the game the Cowgirls built a little lead that the LadyCats could not overcome!  However, the LadyCats would not be denied their homecoming victory in their very first district game!  This match too was a very positive team effort!  Briana Camp was making some plays at the net that really set the Cowgirls on their heels and the consistent serving of Jackie Short and Lacy Lewelling gave the Cowgirls fits!  Heather Manos and Jackie Short showed definite improvement with their setting which led to some really critical points for the LadyCats.  And the passing of Charitye Lowe and Jycette Najera was some of the best ever.  These girls just have a knack of getting to the ball and keeping it alive!  This team hustles all over the court and during game two when the momentum needed to be turned around, Kelsee Jennings and Frankie Dupree came in and added a spark that the LadyCats needed.  LadyCats won game two 25-17; game three 25-14 and game four 25-11 giving them their first district win! 

Tuesday night the LadyCats will face off against another Cowgirl team – the Bryson Cowgirls!  This match will begin at 5:00 pm and the LadyCats will need as much support as possible!!  This Cowgirl team is a little tougher than the first one and this match promises to be a “barn-burner”!! 


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