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Momma's Boys & Daddy's Girls Photos

Momma’s Boys, Daddy’s Girls Photos On Friday, November 4 immediately following the senior/blackout pep rally, football players and their moms (or female guardian) will meet at the home side bleachers to take Mamma’s Boy group.  Also, senior boys and their moms will take a group picture immediately following.  Dad (male guardian) and their cheerleader, singles, or family options are available.  The . . .

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Newcastle OAP Shines!

“I know why we did it, Joe. I know now. Because even if we lose--we’ve already won. Because for the first time in our lives--we’ve seen the stars!” (Anya Rosen, “To See The Stars”). In 1909, a group of women took up the battle cry of “Justice!” “Fairness!” and led a strike in New York City  for better working conditions and fairer pay. This strike ended in success in 1910. . . .

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Regional Track Qualifier Results!

Congratulations to the track regional qualifiers and to Grady Shields for qualifying to the state track meet. Final results:  100m 8th place, Grady Shields  200m 9th place, Grady Shields  400m 6th place, Nicole Martinez 1600m 8th place, Gage Bozeman 3200m 7th place, Gage Bozeman 800m 4th place, Nicole Martinez 800m 13th place, John Gossett 3200m 9th place, Robbi Blair . . .

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